About us

Moore Medical Surplus is the one stop solution for your disposable surgical supply needs.


by offering disposable surgical supplies at discounted prices on an average of 10-50%, we dramatically help cut the costs of buying directly from the manufacturer’s distributors. This solution offers savings on high usage items by getting them at large a discount from their normal cost.


We also offer surgical supplies at the lowest possible unit, known as “eaches,” which cuts down on the affliction of having to purchase multi-unit boxed items. This solution solves the issue of supplies expiring on the shelves because the lowest unit of purchase is an entire box.


Moore Medical Surplus will purchase your surplus inventory before they expire. Whether it’s due to a doctor leaving your medical center or changing contracts that has left a surplus of inventory, we will purchase these supplies so that it is not a total loss to your organization.


When dealing with Moore Medical Surplus there is no minimum buying amount required. We believe once our services are used, it has been our experience that medical centers will proceed to use us a much as possible due to our ease of use, top-notch service, speed of delivery, and most importantly immense savings.

Moore Medical Surplus was established in 2015 with the purpose of offering solutions to the copious costs associated with inventory management. Whether being bogged down with soon to be expired and low usage items on the shelves or buying discounted high usage supplies from us, Moore Medical Surplus eases the burden of high costs associated with hospital and surgery center inventory.

Where We Work

We currently work in the middle Tennessee region. However, if presented the opportunity we would love to expand throughout all of Tennessee and parts of southern Kentucky. 

Please contact us for further information.