Buy Easier.

Erase the burden of medical surplus buying. 

Cost Savings

By offering disposable surgical supplies at discounted prices on an average of 10-50%, we dramatically help cut the costs of buying directly from the manufacturer’s distributors.

Individual Units

We also offer surgical supplies at the lowest possible unit, known as “eaches,” which cuts down on the affliction of having to purchase multi-unit boxed items. 

No Contracts

When dealing with Moore Medical Surplus there is no minimum buying amount required. So you can buy what you need, when you need it; no strings attached.

Stop being bogged down

We know the annoyance of soon to be expired and low usage items on the shelves; let us take them off your hands!

Local convenience

We come to you. We're based in middle Tennessee but travel through the state and into southern Kentucky.

Start saving

With prices that are unbeatable, it's time to make the switch from your expensive distributor to Moore Medical Surplus.

About Us

With the priority of cutting costs and offering savings, Moore Medical Surplus was established with the mission of offering hospitals and surgery centers alternative solutions to surgical supply inventory management. By providing an exchange for soon to be expired and low usage disposable items, as well as, offering high usage supplies at a discounted price, Moore Medical Surplus is the one stop solution for your disposable surgical supply needs.

What They're Saying

“Partnering with Moore Medical Surplus has proven to be advantageous to Cookeville Regional Medical Center.  They exhibit impeccable service levels with offering deep discounts.  We feel fortunate to be able to offer quality products to our staff and patients and have Moore Medical Surplus be a part of that.” 

-Melinda K. Poston

O.R. Materials Manager/Value Analyst, Cookeville Regional Medical Center


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